Lake Creek Meadows Cottage

Scandinavia meets Sun Valley in this chic and cozy guest house.

Mountain Comfort

Look out any of the Lake Creek Meadow Cottage windows and you might think you’ve been transported to the vast valleys of northern Europe. Passing sheep graze on wildflower studded open space surrounding this cozy cottage while natural light floods the interior space with warm mountain sunshine. Our clients commissioned this chic guest house as a place to stay while renovating their main residence so it had to have all the comforts and styling’s of home in a condensed yet comfortable package.

Less is More

Living in a mountain environment comes with many benefits but also changing seasons that bring extended periods of chilly weather. The Lake Creek Guest House was designed with clean, crisp, and cozy elements that make mountain living easy and comfortable year round. Trapezoidal windows perfectly frame the grandeur of the surrounding mountains while the corner fireplace offers warmth and comfort without taking up living space. The Scandinavian-inspired kitchen maximizes natural light with a bright white palette, open shelving, and wood accents that make the small space warm and inviting. A vaulted ceiling and comfy loft gives the unit a spacious feel and a perfect place to settle in with a good book.

Attention to Detail

Temporarily relocating is never easy. As a guest house and short term residence, it was important for our team to finish each bedroom and bathroom with the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail we bring to every build. Every light fixture and line of tile was hung with perfection in mind. Every mirror, countertop and piece of hardware was installed intentionally, with great care and concern for how it would be used daily. From sleek storage to textured wall treatments, the Lake Creek Guest House is a masterclass in what is possible in comfortable and compact custom home design.

The Lloyd Difference

Our team has custom built everything from 10,000 sq. ft. homes to small cottages. We love what we do and put the same high quality work and effort into every build no matter the size. We are experts at planning around and working through mountain winters and changing seasons. Our clients benefit from our close relationships with architects, designers and skilled trade professionals and ability to go the extra mile when and where it matters most.


Special thanks to our client and collaborators

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