Toni Damalas

Moving Us Forward

Toni has a deep background in project management, sales, and customer relations across various industries. “I don’t think I could have ever imagined that custom home building is where I would end up, but I wouldn’t trade it,” says Toni.

She credits her father for her strong work ethic, desire to keep learning and never settle. “I am the type of person who always hopes to learn and grow in my work. It is so intriguing to watch the magic of design unfold from blueprint to custom-built home because there is always something new to learn with each project.”

Toni pushes the Lloyd team to be the best we can be. She is always examining our projects, processes and customer experience asking, “Is this the best way for us to achieve our goals?” and “Is there a way we can be even better for our clients?” She is detail oriented and knows that every design, process, function, and finish should be thoughtfully and carefully considered for our clients from beginning to end.

In her personal time, Toni enjoys exploring her new mountain home in Sun Valley. She is an avid animal lover and pet parent to her dog, Rhys, and cat, Miah


  • BA, Business Management, Virginia Wesleyan College, 2000


General Manager