Northwood Beauty

Forever family ski home meets refined mountain luxury.

For Family, Forever

Constructed along the banks of the Big Wood River, Northwood Beauty is the peak of mountain luxury. Designed as a forever home for our clients to retire to and host their large family, this project showcases Lloyd Construction’s expertise and ability to flawlessly compliment complex architectural design.

Remarkable Craftsmanship

One of the most exceptional features of Northwood Beauty is the intricate stone and woodwork throughout the home. Our skilled craftsmen worked tirelessly to perfectly install curved beams, textural tile, and other ornate building materials to bring warmth and elegance to every room. The seamless alignment of the wood grain shower tile to the pine trees standing outside the custom curved window in the primary ensuite bathroom is one example of our extra fine attention to detail throughout this exquisite home.

Modern Amenities

In addition to the intricate woodwork and skilled fittings throughout the home, Northwood Beauty was built with comfort and style in mind. The home features a Radius steam shower and infrared sauna which showcase our commitment to staying up-to-date on the latest innovations and technology available in custom construction and home comfort. In addition to these modern amenities, Northwood Beauty also contains playful and whimsical features that nod to the family’s love of skiing and personal style. For example, a bright red chairlift was repurposed into a fun and functional outdoor seating area.

The Lloyd Difference

Northwood Beauty is a stunning example of our commitment to excellence and ability to exceed our clients’ expectations. Architects, designers, and homeowners will appreciate the attention to detail and immense skill required to bring this project to life. We are proud to include this exceptional home in our portfolio and showcase our expertise in creating beautiful, functional, and innovative mountain homes.


Special thanks to our client and collaborators

Interior Design: Bliss Design Firm

Landscape: BYLA Landscape Architects

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